Piotr T. wrote:

Lawa Cave, Kanchanaburi. Dual pricing 100 Thai, 300 farang. Showning my work permit didn’t help. I actually wanted to leave, but I did drive there quite long distance on a motorbike,so i decided to get in and left totally disappointed. To walk the cave take 15min both ways! Not worth to pay if you aim only for this one in this national park.

Menno v. O. wrote:

Lawa Cave Sai Yok National park
The entry fee was 100฿ for Thai and 300฿ foreigners. Only thai id you get thai price. Work permit and thai driving license was not sufficient. Had a long discussion with them about this topic and racism. They said it was their policy… and sort of acknowledged discrimination. Since we were the only ones there, I was hoping for some more understanding during this long weekend where domestic toerism is promoted. 30minutes later and 600฿ spended, it only turned into disappointment….


Dual Pricing applies to all foreigners

Locals (Thais):

100THB (Adult)
50THB (Child)

Expats (with Work Permit):

300THB (Adult)
200THB (Child)


300THB (Adult)
200THB (Child)


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