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Dual Pricing applies to tourists only

Sriracha Tiger Zoo

Sriracha Tiger Zoo. Dual pricing at this zoo, but you will get in for the Thai price by showing driver’s license or pink ID card.

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Dual Pricing applies to all foreigners

Nakhon Ratchasima Zoo (Korat Zoo)

The gouging continues… Even when the sign says it is a 50% discount and free parking in these covid times, that’s not for farang, only

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Dual Pricing applies to all foreigners

GAUR point

Gaur (Indian Bison / Red Bull) observation point in Khao Yai. THB 20 for locals and THB 200 for foreigners. I came with 3 Thai

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Dual Pricing applies to all foreigners

Bonanza Exotic Zoo

Bonanza zoo Khao yai. Dual pricing in effect but i sent the wife to the counter whilst me and the kids stood around the corner

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Dual Pricing applies to tourists only

Pattaya Sheep Farm

Pattaya sheep farm. Good fun for the little ones with farm animals and birds. Two shows included in the ticket price. Dual price at this

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Dual Pricing applies to all foreigners

Chainat Bird Park

Chainat Bird Park charges Thai adults 30 baht, foreigners 100. Definitely not the biggest price increase out there, but still the principle remains. Thankfully we

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The intention of this website is to give foreigners the “Right to Choose”.
We don’t think it is fair that some tourist attractions disguise the fact that they have a dual price system.
Our opinion is that if they want to overcharge foreign tourists by as much as 200% then that is their decision. But, don’t do it in a way that is both sneaky and insulting.
Many Thais and foreigners agree that the dual pricing system is hurting the image of both the tourism industry and Thailand itself. Thai people are internationally known for their kind and generous hospitality. The actions of a few tourist attractions are damaging that reputation. We respectfully request a transparent pricing system in Thailand as the first step. But, ultimately we would like to see the #2PriceThailand policy abolished.

All information of listings with dual pricing is aggregated from the following Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2pricethailand

Any business owner, or person in charge for specific listing can request to remove it from our website. Simply contact us through our Contact Us page and send us a photo of your non-dual pricing structure.

Currently, we do not allow new listings directly on this website. Please head over to the 2PriceThailand Facebook group and report your experience there. If your post is eligible, we will create a listing based on it. 

We are currently in the process of aggregating all listings. However, there are some requirements that your Facebook post needs to fulfil:

  1. Your Facebook post must contain one or more photos of the pricing at the attraction you were visiting (this can also be a screenshot of the official website of the attraction).
  2. You must state all prices (locals, expats and optionally tourists) in your posting.
  3. You must reference a place or attraction that can be found in Google Maps

If more than one Facebook users objected your post in a comment, then we also do not list it on this website.

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